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Approach To Training

The OES approach to education and training is designed to meet the professional learning needs of your organizations and employees. Our training is practical, relevant, continuously updated, and designed to meet your current and emerging needs.

  Training provided by OES will ensure value and unsurpassed quality and effectiveness through the following core OES training advantages:

Association and Partnership with fully accredited post-secondary institutions in Canada and internationally to ensure total quality assurance, innovative and cutting-edge curriculum design and development, and high-quality and effective delivery of practical and applied training programs.
Programs approved, accredited, and delivered by our partner institutions in Canada and internationally.
Participation by professionals, industry experts, managers and team leaders in training needs assessment, objective setting and training sessions.
Pastoral support: availability of follow-up coaching or specialist advise from facilitators on one to one basis.
Blended learning options - pre/post tools to assist with reinforcement of knowledge and skills.
Training will be delivered through OES’s training arm, the Meta Training Institute (MTI). MTI has been created to focus specifically on our clients’ and partners’ training needs and to provide an unrivalled level of service and ongoing quality assurance in all of our training activities.