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Approach To Training

The OES approach to education and training is designed to meet the professional learning needs of your organizations and employees. Our training is practical, relevant, continuously updated, and designed to meet your current and emerging needs.


In order to ensure the highest possible quality in all of our training activities, OES will adhere to the following training philosophy in all of its activities:

A commitment to the use of experienced international practitioner/facilitators who will engage and bring out the participants’ experience and knowledge.
A commitment to the use of seminar leaders with a specialization and passion for subject area - who are "missionaries not mercenaries" in the fields where they have spent their careers.
A commitment on behalf of OES and our facilitators to total learner participation and an acknowledgment that learning is not the passive storage of information but the active creation and application of knowledge.
A belief that collaboration among participants greatly enhances learning and that effective and sustainable learning has a social base.
A belief that activity-centred learning is superior to presentation-centred methods and that learning comes from doing the work itself, using practical, relevant exercises and tools within a safe, yet challenging training environment.