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Approach To Training

The OES approach to education and training is designed to meet the professional learning needs of your organizations and employees. Our training is practical, relevant, continuously updated, and designed to meet your current and emerging needs.


We believe in an interactive and engaging instructional style - an evolutionary step beyond traditional lecturing. From theory to strategy to proven practical tools, OES delivers readily applicable ideas and solutions to prepare participants for real-world situations.

OES will provide a constantly challenging and innovative knowledge environment with a variety of learning tools utilized in program delivery such as: self-assessment tools, instruments, videos, role-plays, breakout sessions, group discussions and other stimulation adult learning methodologies.

In order to facilitate knowledge transfer, we feel it is important to acknowledge the specific needs of adult learners. With respect to adult learning, we feel the following principles hold true:

Adults must have a reason to learn and a meaningful program - our team will work with your organization to develop the best and most appropriate curriculum for your employees.
Adults must be involved in learning - as such, we incorporate a high level of interactivity during delivery in order to maximize knowledge transfer.
Adults learn by building on experience - Our facilitators are adept at integrating examples and information so that learners have a relevant frame of reference.
A belief that collaboration among participants greatly enhances learning and that effective and sustainable learning has a social base.
Adults learn in different ways and at different rates - utilizing a variety of teaching methods (accelerated learning, group work, individual exercises, encouraging participation) during delivery allows us to stay true to the content while maximizing the experience for all learners.
Adults appreciate constructive feedback - we use facilitators who are adept at listening effectively, and who understand the psychology of evaluative and reinforcing feedback.
Adults appreciate an informal environment - a relaxed environment created by our facilitators allow these learners to feel at ease and become more open to the learning experience.
Adults should be treated with dignity and respect - this is a fundamental tenet that is reinforced by our program facilitator through the establishment of an atmosphere of mutual respect for all those involved.