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Approach To Training

The OES approach to education and training is designed to meet the professional learning needs of your organizations and employees. Our training is practical, relevant, continuously updated, and designed to meet your current and emerging needs.


OES is committed to designing professional development and training that is intelligent, innovative, practical and effective. Our instructional design methodology is based on the following principles:

Training must be effective for all learners – regardless of their learning style.
Training must be modular and allow for ongoing participant progression.
Programs must build a learning culture within the classroom and engage learners through an activity based design.
Program design should ensure that the majority of time is focused on learner activities.
Program design must incorporate the flexibility required to adapt on an ongoing basis to group and individual needs.
All programs should make learning enjoyable through activities.
Program design must demonstrate a commitment to delivering results and to meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations.