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OES Training Programs

OES currently offers short and longer term training programs tailored to our clients’ needs, many of which carry internationally recognized certification and credentials and which may lead to advanced standing in diploma or degree programs.


Information Systems Security
Network Security Fundamentals
Integrated/Environmental Security
Ethics And Legal/Regulatory Issue
Communications Security
Information Security
Fundamentals Information Encryption and Product Implementation
Computer Security Policy
Threat Risk Management
Information System Security Design
Operating Systems And Application Program Security
Business Continuity
Planning Investigations

Information Management Systems
Information Management
Data Communications and Networking
Introduction to Computer Programming
Operating Systems
Systems Architecture and Business Methodology
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Database Systems
Advanced Technology Studies

Enterprise Java Developer
Introduction to Java
Intermediate Java Programming
Advanced Java Programming
Building Java Components Using EJBS and Java Beans
The Java UI: Servlets and JSPs
Building J2EE Applications
Developing Web Services with Java and XML

Oracle Database Administration
Data Modelling and Relational Database Design
Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL
Oracle 9i: Database Administration Fundamentals I
Oracle 9i: Database Administration Fundamentals II
Oracle 9i: Database Performance Tuning

Cisco Networking Administration
Cisco Networking Fundamentals
Basic Router Theory And Configuration
Advanced Internetworking Routing
WAN Technologies and Design

Unix Administration
Introduction to Unix
Advanced Unix
Unix System Administration
Unix Security and Network Administration
Unix Scripting

Software Quality Assurance and Testing
Testing Strategies and Techniques Fundamentals
Testing Strategies Best Practices
Test Tools and Test Automation Strategies
Quality Assurance Testing and Certification
Testing Internet Applications

Microsoft Database Design and Administration
Database Design for Office and Web Application
Implementing MS Access Databases
Database Admin With MS SQL Server
Office/Web Project

Web Design
Web Designer
Web Designer (Advanced)