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OES Training Programs

OES currently offers short and longer term training programs tailored to our clients’ needs, many of which carry internationally recognized certification and credentials and which may lead to advanced standing in diploma or degree programs.



Cardiac Emergencies in the Stress Laboratory
ECG Interpretation of Pediatric Dysrhythmias
12 lead ECG Workshop and Interpretation
Clinical Educators Certificate
Mammography Screening and Diagnostic Mammography and Demonstrating Pathology
Stereotaxis Simulation Training Session and Hands-on Positioning of Diagnostic Mammography and Adjuvant Views.
Contrast Injection for Radiographers
Bowel and Billiary Ultrasound
Vascular Ultrasound
Diagnostic Cytology Series
Basic Introduction to Hematology for Cytogenetics Technologists
Introduction to Molecular DNA Techniques
Malaria Parasites Workshop
Red Cell Morphology Review – Normal and Abnormal
White Cell Morphology Review – Normal and Abnormal
Transfusion Compatibility Testing
Using Data to Improve Process Performance in the Laboratory
Basic and Advanced Venipuncture Techniques
Anesthesia Instrumentation
Biomechanics and Orthotics
Hemodynamic Monitoring
Respiratory Assessment
Adult and Pediatric Tracheostomy Care
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Fundamentals of Non-invasive Ventilation
Fundamental Critical Care Support
Neonatal Resuscitation
STABLE Transport Program
Pediatric Neurological Assessment
Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course
Home Ventilation and the Pediatric Patient
Pediatric Cardiac Assessment
Pediatric Intravenous Therapy
Pediatric Physical Assessment
Pulmonary Function Testing
Mechanical Ventilation of the Pediatric Patient
Nerve Conduction Studies
Theory of Sleep Medicine